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Maintainer Requirements

Before you apply to add your device into our list of official devices, there are certain requirements that you are expected to fulfill in order to be considered. Some of them are outlined below:

Any failure in complying with the following will make you unfit for the maintainership. No questions asked.

1.1. You MUST own the device you plan to maintain for. Blind and untested builds aren't allowed. Devices that have minimal hardware difference from yours are allowed to be maintained, as long as you maintain your own device too.

1.2. You SHOULD have a strong knowledge of Git and version control.

1.3. You MUST have experience maintaining the ROM on an unofficial basis for some amount of time. you MUST NOT instantly make a build and apply, that'll mean an instant rejection. This shows that you are capable of handling the responsibilities of a maintainer, and that you are committed to the project.

1.4. You MUST ensure that the ROM is stable for daily usage before applying. This is essential for providing a good user experience and ensuring that the build is widely usable. The context of stability may differ for different devices, so explain regarding any exceptions.

1.5. You MUST make the device sources for the ROM publicly available. This allows team members to verify the provided sources.

1.6. MUST NOT include any stolen or "kanged" commits without crediting the original author. This is unethical and can harm the ROM's reputation.

1.7. You MUST show the actual device sources being used. Any means to decieve us will lead to instant rejection

1.8. You MUST NOT lie on the maintainer application, this leads to instant rejection.

1.9. You SHOULD have made significant contributions to the device sources. This shows that you are actively involved in Android development and that you are committed to the project.

1.10. You SHOULD NOT be maintaining too many ROMs. This can spread your time and efforts too thin, and can lead to subpar maintenance of the ROMs you are responsible for.

Other qualitative aspects that will be considered when reviewing your application, such as:

2.1. Your previous/current work in development

2.2. Your behavior towards users

2.3. Your behavior towards the team members

2.4. Your activeness in the community


3.1 PixelOS Team reserves the right to reject any application at its sole discretion, even in the absence of a valid reason.

3.2. PixelOS Team reserves the right to terminate any maintainer at any given time, irrespective of a valid reason or justification.

3.3. After being rejected or deemed invalid, you must wait a minimum of 90 days before submitting a new application.