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· One min read
Karan Parashar

Hi there, it is almost July but we're here with another major update with QPR3 patches. June security patches alongside QPR3 have been merged with the tag android-14.0.0_r50.

PixelOS 14


As for the features, they're the same as last release with the exception of "Icon Manager".

Stay tuned for further updates and device-specific changelogs as the update rolls out for supported devices.


We would also like to thank those who have been translating PixelOS into different languages for their contributions as they've been a great help. If you've noticed anything that isn't translated in a language you speak, please consider helping out with the translations at

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Thanks for being part of PixelOS.

The PixelOS Team

· One min read
Karan Parashar
Ashwin DS

Hello there, with this update we have finished adding features to Android 13 and any further updates to Android 13 will be maintenance releases (bug fixes and security patch updates) while we move our attention towards getting ready for the Android 14 release.

The changes in this release include:


  • August 2023 security patch
  • Native support for Apple AirPods has been re-added
  • Battery drain issues stemming from Pixel Launcher and Android System Intelligence have been fixed
  • Lots of under the hood changes, optimisations and bug fixes

For a more detailed changelog, Click Me

We have been constantly expanding and bringing on new devices. This however, happens at a time when the costs for renting a server have continued to rise. Just a reminder that the CI is funded either by donations or has been out of pocket from members of the team themselves. If anyone would like to donate to help out with the server costs, more information and donation methods can be found here

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and a new Android version in the coming months!

The PixelOS Team

· 4 min read
Karan Parashar
Ashwin DS

Welcome back to another PixelOS update! We're excited to bring you the latest update for PixelOS, packed with new features, improvements, and fixes to enhance your experience.

We initially aimed to release the update in July, but the release of the July patch from Google has been slightly delayed, due to holidays in the USA. We expect to merge the July patch once Google releases it. Stay tuned for it!

UPDATE: 6/7/2023

July patches have been merged along with a few minor fixes! Devices that were released with the June patches will be re-released in the coming days.

Read more at the end of this blog.

Now, let's dive into the changelog:


Launcher Enhancements:

We have a new Wallpaper Picker UI from Android 14 and with the introduction of emoji wallpapers, users can now select from a collection of wallpapers featuring various emojis, adding a fun touch to their device's home and lock screens.

Users can now choose what shortcuts should be displayed at the lockscreen, or choose to disable it completely. Shortcuts include flashlight, do-not-disturb, mute button, camera, QR Code Scanner and more.

Smart 5G (from ArrowOS)

  • Disable 5G in battery saver mode: When the device enters battery saver mode, Smart 5G automatically switches off 5G connectivity. This helps to reduce power consumption and extend battery life during low-power situations.
  • Disable 5G when not on mobile data (such as Wi-Fi): When the device is connected to Wi-Fi or any non-mobile data network, Smart 5G intelligently turns off 5G to avoid unnecessary battery drain. It ensures that 5G is only used when the device is on a mobile data network.
  • Disable 5G on non-active data sim: For devices with dual SIM functionality, Smart 5G recognizes which SIM is actively used for data and enables 5G only on that particular SIM. For the non-active data SIM, it disables 5G to save battery and optimize network usage.

GMS and Face Unlock:

  • Switched to partner GMS (Google Mobile Services) to improve overall stability.
  • Switched to AOSPA's face unlock implementation, providing much faster and more reliable face recognition.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the launcher in light mode would still display dark search results, ensuring a consistent and visually pleasing experience.
  • Addressed a bug where the wallpapers section would not open from the home screen, allowing you to customize your device's look effortlessly.
  • Fixed a rare issue where two status bars would display, eliminating any potential visual clutter.
  • Made improvements to Pitch Black mode, refining the dark theme experience for better readability and aesthetics.
  • Fixed an issue where Google battery widget does not update

Summary and other miscellaneous changes

  • June 2023 AOSP patches
  • Brought back quick tap
  • Enabled new wallpaper picker UI and emoji wallpapers
  • Enabled lockscreen clock customisation
  • Smart 5G
    • Disable 5G in battery saver mode
    • Disable 5G when not on mobile data (such as Wi-Fi)
    • Disable 5G on non-active data sim
  • Enabled new plug-in status bar chip
  • Enabled explicit media indicator
  • Brought back monet boot animation
  • Allow picking lockscreen shortcuts
  • Switch to AOSPA's GMS
  • Switch to AOSPA's face unlock implementation
  • Pitch black mode improvements
  • Fixed an issue where the launcher in light mode would still have dark search results
  • Fixed an issue where the wallpapers section would not open from the home screen
  • Fixed an issue where two status bars used to display
  • Fixed Google battery widget not updating

July Patch Update

July patches have been merged along with a few minor fixes including:

  • Updated the default wallpaper to the leaked Pixel 8 licorice dark wallpaper
  • Force enabled the precise/approximate location toggle
  • Fixed an issue with translations where the reboot text was in Spanish
  • Re-imported the 720p and 1440p bootanimations for the devices that use it

We hope you enjoy these updates and enhancements as much as we enjoyed working on them. Your support and feedback are essential in making PixelOS better with each release.

If you appreciate our work and wish to contribute, consider supporting us by donating. Your donations helps us maintain our infrastructure and continue delivering updates and new features to PixelOS. Click here to donate and show your support.

We have new wallpapers from our designer matching the theme of this update, find them on our wallpapers page.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and improvements in the coming months!

The PixelOS Team