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· 2 min read
Ashwin DS
Karan Parashar

Time flies by and before we know, it has become another month! Here we are, with November Update of PixelOS


What's new?

Merged android_13.0.0_r14 | November Security Patch

Face Unlock

One-Shot Auto Brightness

Choose not to lower refresh rate while using battery saver mode

Haptic on back gesture

Smart Pause

Black Background Mode

Invert Navigation Bar Layout

Bluetooth Dialog

More status bar icons

Added Wi-Fi standard icon in statusbar

Full Changelog

  • Merged android_13.0.0_r14
  • Use Google Sans systemwide
  • Added bluetooth dialog
  • Added face unlock
  • Added optional haptic on back gesture
  • Added one shot auto brightness
  • Allow disabling refresh rate lowering in battery saver
  • Add button to upload crash log to memocho
  • Added Smart Pause feature
  • Added navbar inversion turning
  • Added optional Wi-Fi standard icons
  • Fully switched to Pixel sounds
  • Added black mode
  • Moved dev refresh rate controls under display settings
  • Organized sound settings
  • Fixed call vibration settings not showing up on some devices
  • UI/UX optimizations and Privacy improvements
  • Minor UI/UX changes
  • Updated translations