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· 3 min read
Karan Parashar

As we announce the release of our latest version today, we reflect on the journey that brought us here. PixelOS started about two and a half years ago as a fork of PixelExperience and we can't thank them enough for making us possible. We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the PixelExperience team for providing the foundation that allowed us to grow and evolve. We wish Jhenrique all the best on his future endeavors.

PixelOS 14

April update arrives after almost two months with a lot of bug fixes since the last release.

List of current features:

    - Network and Internet
- Smart 5G
- Connected devices on hotspot
- Allow clients to use VPNs
- Network Traffic Indicator

- Display
- Pocket mode*
- Black theme
- High touch polling rate*
- Full screen apps
- Double tap to sleep on statusbar and lockscreen

- Security and Privacy
- Ignore window secure flags
- Allow disabling power menu on lockscreen
- Secure quick setting tiles on lockscreen

- Gestures
- Hide gestural navbar
- Advanced restart options
- Swipe to Screenshot
- Quick torch
- Touchscreen gestures*

- Everything else
- Lineage's charging control
- Expandable volume panel
- Various other quick setting tiles
- Heads up and Priority heads up notifications
- Togglable screenshot sounds
- Hotspot section in Internet tile

* supported devices only

Stay tuned for further updates and device-specific changelogs as the update rolls out for supported devices.

We are pleased to announce official support for various other devices.

    - Xiaomi 12 (cupid)
- Xiaomi 12 Pro (zeus)
- Xiaomi 12T Pro/Redmi K50 Ultra (diting)
- realme 5/5i/5s (r5x)

We would also like to thank those who have been translating PixelOS into different languages for their contributions as they've been a great help. If you've noticed anything that isn't translated in a language you speak, please consider helping out with the translations at

Support PixelOS's Development

We're immensely grateful for the ongoing support from our incredible community. While we haven't quite reached our donation goal, we see a fantastic opportunity for our users to make a more meaningful impact. Instead of contributing via PayPal, we invite you to consider sponsoring us on GitHub here. By doing so, you're not only helping us meet our financial targets but also directing your support towards PixelOS's growth without adding to PayPal's bottom line.

A heartfelt thank you to our current sponsors: LobodPl, hiram2024, attdin22, ihyoudou, Sureshgorai25 and Mainak009.

Thanks for being part of PixelOS.

The PixelOS Team

· 3 min read

Welcome back to another PixelOS update! This month’s update is larger with many changes from both AOSP and our side. We’ve rebased the March QPR2 patch as well as merged the April patch. We have also rebased most of our repositories from LineageOS.


One of our biggest changes would be the launcher. We’ve heard your reports of the Pixel Launcher draining and heating devices. This issue seems to affect even Pixel Devices. Unfortunately, we have had to make the difficult decision to drop the Pixel Launcher in favor of the Paranoid Android Launcher for stability reasons. It still maintains the same look and feels with more customization options.

We are thrilled to announce that we have added a highly requested feature to our latest update: AppLock. This allows you to secure your apps with a password or biometric authentication, providing an extra layer of security for your applications.

More customization has been added with additional icon style, font, and icon shape options that you remember from Android 11. We have also switched our Bluetooth tile implementation that turns Bluetooth off and on with a tap and brings up a Bluetooth menu with a long press. This eliminates the need for two separate tiles.

The network indicator has been changed to a new version that fits better. Quick Settings have been made even quicker with the quick-pulldown option. A new and improved black theme implementation has been added to the Dark theme settings.

Finally, we’re happy to announce that OTA updates have returned.

In summary, the April 2023 Update PixelOS includes the following updates:

  • The March/April patches have been merged
  • Switched to the Paranoid Android Launcher
  • Added icon styles and icon shape options
  • Added ability to switch fonts
  • Added over the air updates
  • Added AppLock
  • Use Monet colors for the power menu
  • Updated the Bluetooth tile implementation
  • Updates to the network traffic indicator implementation
  • Updates to the Dark Mode implementation

For the people who still would prefer to use the Pixel Launcher, we have made a magisk module if you would still like to use it. You can find it here.

We hope these changes and improvements enhance your experience with PixelOS. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on the new update.