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Community Guidelines

This is applicable to PixelOS Chat and all PixelOS affiliated Telegram Communities.

The PixelOS Telegram community is a place for users of our custom ROM to ask questions, share feedback, and discuss all things related to PixelOS. All members of the community are expected to follow the rules listed below. Failure to do so may result in a warning or the removal of you from the community.

1. Do not post or share any illegal or pirated content in the community. This includes links to pirated software, apps, or other content.

2. Do not post or share any explicit or inappropriate content in the community. This includes pornography, violence, or any other content that may be offensive to others.

3. Do not use offensive, hateful, or discriminatory language in the community. This includes racist, sexist, homophobic, or otherwise discriminatory language. However, occasional use of bad language is acceptable, but if it becomes excessive, it will not be tolerated.

4. Do not harass, bully, or abuse other members of the community. This includes personal attacks, insults, or any other behavior that is intended to harm or upset others.

5. Do not ask for ETAs (estimated time of arrival) for updates or releases. The development process can be unpredictable and we cannot provide accurate ETAs for our releases.

6. Do not have long conversations in languages other than English. While we welcome users from all over the world, the main language of our community is English. If you do not know English, please use a translator to communicate in the community.

7. Avoid off-topic discussions in the community. While we encourage healthy discussion and debate, we ask that all topics stay on topic and relevant to PixelOS.

8. Do not spam or promote any products or services in the community without prior approval from the community moderators.

9. Do not use inappropriate profile pictures in the community. This includes explicit or offensive images.

10. Do not misuse the report function in the community. Only use this function to report content or behavior that violates the rules of the community.

11. Do not message anyone privately without their permission. If you have a question or concern, please ask it in the appropriate community.

12. Do not engage in witch-hunting or revealing private information about other members of the community.

13. Respect and follow the decisions of the community moderators and admins. They are here to keep the community running smoothly and to enforce the rules.

14. We encourage users to refer to our website and the XDA forums for instructions and answers to common questions. Please do not repeatedly ask the same questions in the community.

15. We reserve the right to remove any content or accounts that violate these rules or that we deem.

16. We reserve the right to change any of the guidelines specified above at any time without any notice.


Read the XDA thread for your device before flashing. It has instructions and will be updated should requirements change.