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Community Guidelines

Applicable to PixelOS and its affiliated Telegram Communities

1. English only

Use a translator if you need to.

2. No ETA

Do not ask developers for ETAs or when the next update will be. It's ready when it's ready.

3. Be polite

Respect others in the group and remain civil, be it developers or other group members. Hostility isn't tolerable and will result in warnings/bans.

4. No NSFW

Stricly no nsfw/pornography is allowed in the group.

5. Off-Topic

Some off-topic is allowed, excessive amounts will result in being asked to move the conversation to the dedicated off-topic group

6. No Piracy Policy

No piracy or even encouraging it, you will be banned without warning. This is a zero tolerance rule.

7. Inappropriate Profile Pictures

Users with disrespectful/nsfw/distasteful profile/display pictures or names will be asked to change them. Refusing to do so will result in being removed from the group.

8. Spam Messages

No promotion, spamming or similar allowed. Use the @admins or reply to the message you wish to report with /report to alert us

9. Don't misuse the report function, it will result in a warning.

10. Do not PM without permission

No unsolicited private messages to admins or other users. It will result in warnings/bans.


Read the XDA thread for your device before flashing. It has instructions and will be updated should requirements change.