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September 2022 Update

· 2 min read


After our recent announcement of Android 13 builds of PixelOS coming to devices very soon, we'd like to give a quick rundown of the changes for these builds.

The first and biggest change is our rebase to AOSP, meaning our team has built the ROM from the ground up to be as optimised as possible at every step and allows us to release builds faster each month as we only need to wait for the security patch from Google.

In addition to the features normally present in stock AOSP, we've brought back the following:

Pixel Features

  • Smartspace (At-a-Glance and weather on the lock screen)
  • Unlimited original quality Google Photos backups
  • Google fonts
  • Pixel boot animation
  • Pixel battery graph

PixelOS Features

  • 3-Finger Swipe to screenshot
  • Double-tap to sleep on lock screen
  • Bluetooth device battery indicator on status bar
  • Delete screenshot button in bottom chip
  • Single tap to add quick settings tiles
  • Advanced reboot
  • Navigation bar layout inversion
  • The following additional quick settings tiles; Caffeine, Data switch, USB tethering, Auto-brightness toggle, Heads-up notifications toggle
  • Icon manager for statusbar
  • Applied Material You colouring to more system elements
  • Fine tuned status bar padding
  • Tweaked friction levels for improved scrolling
  • Reduced log verbosity
  • Remove system recording audio limits
  • 2-button navbar option
  • Performance improvements from ProtonAOSP
  • Sensitive quick settings tiles require unlocking the phone
  • Backup tools (Magisk doesn't have to be flashed again after every update)
  • Refresh rate settings under display options (on supported devices)
  • Font size in finer 5% increments with more scale options from 80% to 130%
  • Add package name to installed app details
  • More themed icons for the Pixel Launcher home screen

As always, we hope you continue to enjoy the project and we'll be back next month with another build and post.