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Introducing PixelOS 14 Beta

· 2 min read
Karan Parashar

Hello PixelOS community! We're excited to announce the release of the PixelOS 14 Beta (based on the November Security Patch). This is a significant step forward, and we can't wait to share it with you.


What to Expect in the Beta Release

  • Android 14 Beta is Here: With PixelOS Android 14 release, we will have a greater focus on stability. Sources for the following have been pushed to while its beta, stable sources will be pushed on our main org whenever its ready.

  • Features: PixelOS is continuously improving, with plans to reintegrate all the features of Android 13 in the upcoming months, promising an even better experience!

  • Join Our Translation Team: Big kudos to the dedicated individuals who are helping translate PixelOS into various languages! If you'd like to be part of this effort and contribute by translating PixelOS into your own language, you can join our translation team at

  • Support Us on GitHub Sponsors: We're excited to let you know that we've opened up GitHub Sponsors! This means you can now support PixelOS with zero transaction fees, and the donation goal will be tracked publicly at Rest assured, our PayPal and UPI links are still functional for those who prefer those methods for donations at

Stay tuned for further updates and device-specific changelogs as the beta rolls out for supported devices.

Thanks for being part of PixelOS. We're looking forward to what's next with Android 14. Stay tuned for more updates!

The PixelOS Team