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September 2023 Update

· 2 min read
Karan Parashar

Hello again! As we've reached fairly to the end of Android 13 update cycle, there might be one or two (at max) more updates before we officially move to Android 14.

As previously mentioned, this is a maintainance release and mostly includes security and stability improvements with one exception.



- Merged September security patches from AOSP (android-13.0.0_r82)
- Introduced Charge control feature
- Updated Google Apps
- Updated translations
- Under the hood improvements and fixes.

Addition of charging control is a quality of life improvement feature, it lets you select one of the following charging modes

  • Automatic Schedule: Device charges at optimal times
  • Custom Schedule: Users set specific charging times
  • Limit Charging: Users cap the charging percentage.

You can further look out for device specific changelogs as the update rolls out for supported devices.

You can click here for a more detailed changelog.

With the above mentioned improvements, we're also adding official support for three new devices.

1. Google Pixel 7 Pro (cheetah)
2. OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite (oscaro)
3. Moto Edge 30 Fusion/S30 Pro (tundra)

We're also looking for a new designer who can make banners monthly for our releases, interested users can send me a private message on telegram (@whyredfire) with their proof of work.

The PixelOS Team