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October 2022 Update

· 4 min read
Ashwin DS

Errors..issues..fixes..more errors..more and more isssues..testing.. The last few weeks have been a very challenging experience for the PixelOS team. I'm sure some of you have noticed our CI channel with lots (and lots and lots) of builds going through it. Things have been taking longer than expected and a lot of testing needed to be done, but we have some good news.


The "Stable" Release

Anyways, a couple of weeks of "Soon" later, we are finally ready to present the October update of PixelOS [Patch level 2022-10-05]. With this, PixelOS Android 13 is officially leaving the beta stage. We needed that extra time to work on fixing bugs and implementing features until we felt confident we could change the "Beta" to "Stable".


Since we have a lot of changes in the builds from the changes from Beta to Stable, it is MANDATORY that everyone perform a clean flash to update to this version.

Support will not be given to those who dirty flash.

About Phone: October Security Patch
About Phone: October Security Patch

Let's talk features

System-wide Google Sans Font

Smartspace on lock screen

Optional separate Quick Settings tiles for Wi-Fi and Mobile data

Unlimited Google Photos Backup

In-call vibration customizations

First-class implementation of Repainter app to allow for rootless theming

Allow removing the screenshot and screen recording limits for all applications

excluding DRM content

Double-tap to wake and to sleep on statusbar

Additional gesture control options

Full Feature List

General Enhancements:

  • Performance improvements from ProtonAOSP
  • Reduced log spam verbosity
  • Under the hood optimizations
  • Optimized UI responsiveness
  • Flattened apexes for faster access

Pixel Goodies:

  • System-wide Google Sans font integration
  • Spoofed Google Photos as Pixel 1XL for unlimited Photos backup in original quality
  • Pixel spoofing for various pixel exclusives
  • Smartspace on lockscreen (weather)

UX Improvements:

  • Material You boot animation
  • Material You colors on fingerprint authentication ripple animation
  • Bluetooth battery icon in status bar
  • Material style 4G/LTE icons
  • Themed icons for a lot of 3rd party apps
  • Extended Material You theming to more UI elements
  • Add/remove Quick Settings tiles with one click
  • More font size options in 5% steps from 80% to 130%

Additional features:

  • Various additional Quick Settings tiles:
    • Caffeine
    • Heads up
    • Sync
    • Adaptive Brightness
    • Ambient display
    • Always on display
    • USB tether
    • Live display
    • Data Switch
  • Optional separate Quick Settings tiles for WiFi and Mobile data
  • Optional Quick unlock
  • Pin Scramble layout
  • Allow removing the screenshots and screenrecords limits for all applications (excluding DRM content)
  • Allow disabling combined signal icon
  • Status bar icon manager
  • Allow hiding gesture navigation bar
  • Allow toggling screen off FoD for supported devices
  • Unlinked ring and media notification volumes
  • In-call vibration customizations
  • Optional inverted layout for 3-button navigation
  • Three-fingers-swipe to screenshot
  • Double-tap/long-press power button to toggle torch
  • Double-tap to sleep on lockscreen
  • Double-tap to sleep on statusbar
  • Double tap to trigger doze
  • Volume button long-press media controls
  • Allow disabling screenshot shutter sound
  • First-class implementation of Repainter app to allow for rootless theming

Release schedule

At last, for those who ask "wen updoot sar?????", it will roll out within the next few days depending on the maintainers for each device. We hope to have the update rolled out to all supported devices before the month ends.